Ducting and Ventilation System Cleaning

Entrust the cleaning of your ventilation system to Maxi Clean certified technicians and professionals. Improve both your home or business’s air quality and the efficiency of your ventilation system thanks to our renowned service. Offering the most competitive rates, Maxi Clean ensures impeccable ventilation system and ducting cleaning for your complete satisfaction.


Central air conditioning and ducting cleaning

For a better quality of air

Did you know that a proper cleaning of your ventilation and air exchanger ducts carried out by Maxi Clean professionals would not only change your home or business’s air quality, but would also reduce your energy costs?

The number of allergens (mites, dust, pollen, and bacteria) and mould (fungal spores) in your ducts influences the air quality that you and your loved one’s breathing. Also, the accumulation of dust preventing the good flow of hot or cold air from circulating in your ducts leads to higher energy costs.

Wall Air Conditioning Cleaning

To ensure the durability of your AC

Just like your ventilation and central air conditioning ducts, your wall-mounted air conditioning units have to be cleaned. The air quality depends greatly on its maintenance…

In addition, cleaning performed by the Maxi Clean team can extend the life of your AC devices by avoiding breakage linked to a build-up of dirt.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Optimal drying and fire safety

Cleaning your dryer duct should be taken seriously! Rest assured; you’re not the only person wrongly believing that all these accumulated lint is magically disappearing.

Lint, which is often easily flammable, builds up over time in your dryer duct and, while obstructing it, can cause a fire when rubbing against the heating element.

To ensure the proper use of your dryer and especially for the safety of your family, have your dryer duct cleaned by the Maxi Clean team of professionals!

Efficient Cleaning

Our professional team knows all the secrets to make sure that the cleaning of ducts and ventilation systems is impeccable! Cleaning can be summed up in three main phases:

  • Suction: negative pressure of the pipes to be cleaned
  • Friction: brushing the ducts or whipping, depending on the ducts type
  • Impulse: routing out of impurities to the collector

State-of-art equipment

Our dust collector is specially made for cleaning the ventilation ducts. It has 3 recovery filters, including 2 HEPA filters which filter dust at 99.97%. Filters prevent dust and microorganisms from moving into the ambient air.

Our compressor produces a large amount of pressure to operate the brushes, nozzles and whisks; all these tools dislodge the dirt embedded in the ducts and push it towards the dust collector.

Contact our team to know more about the Maxi Clean duct and ventilation cleaning service and the details about all of our services!