Indoor High-Level Cleaning in Laval and Montréal

Entrust Maxi Clean experts’ team to safely and effectively remove dust from your factory or business’s various beams and structures. Using our aerial lifts or scaffolding, our teams take care of the accumulated dust with powerful vacuum cleaners without spreading it through the air and respecting strict health and safety guidelines ensuring everyone’s safety. Trust Maxi Clean, a renowned company in the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors!


High-Level Cleaning Team

To Be Done With Dust

A “High-level” Team

High-level cleaning the various structures is essential; The presence of dust can be the cause of different problems on several levels, depending which sector is your business.

The Maxi Clean qualified team is equipped with aerial lifts and scaffolding to get where dust slowly but surely build up, and with powerful vacuum cleaners remove any trace of dust present on the structures. Also, the vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters prevent dust from spreading in the ambient air.

Cleaning procedure

Safety First!

Of course, our team observes strict safety rules at all times; Maxi Clean advocates a work ethic where safety remains of the utmost concern. Safety harnesses are therefore used during high-level cleaning as well as any protective equipment that may be necessary.

A service adjusted to your reality

Professional High-Level Cleaning
Maxi Clean makes sure to meet the needs of factories and businesses with regard to high-level cleaning and is proud to offer its new service now available. Our team will adapt the service to your specific needs thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, and by taking the most secure measures. A service available throughout the greater Montréal area and in Laval!

Contact our team now to learn more about our high pressure cleaning service and all of the other services that Maxi Clean offers!