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At Nettoyage Maxi Clean, Your Health Is Important to Us

Thanks to our advanced techniques, Nettoyage Maxi Clean can remove dust, germs and stubborn stains, and your furniture and mattresses will last longer.

Upholstered Furniture

Our cutting-edge instruments and tools ensure in-depth cleaning that will dislodge all of the dirt and dust that accumulates inside your furniture.



Leather Furniture

Is your leather furniture looking dull? Our technicians will carry out a three-step cleaning:

  • A cleansing cream
  • A regenerating cream
  • A protective cream

Eliminate Dust Mites from Your Mattresses

Dust mites are tiny insects that live in the fibres of carpets and mattresses, and are invisible to the naked eye. Even though they don’t bite, they feed on the dead skin cells that we lose during sleep, and are known to cause allergies.
Nettoyage Maxi Clean will get rid of these unwanted insects so that you can sleep on your nice fresh mattresses in complete comfort.



When Should You Use Our Furniture Cleaning Service?

  • If your pet has an accident
  • If your furniture
    • is stained
    • gives off an odour
    • is old and dusty
  • If you want your furniture to last longer