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Carpet, Broadloom and Rug Cleanin

Thanks to our cleaning methods, you can rest assured that your carpets will last longer. We also apply an anti-stain treatment, which facilitates regular maintenance, ensures long-lasting, durable protection and makes your carpets look like new.

Give Your Carpets a Brand-new Look with Nettoyage Maxi Clean

Nettoyage Maxi Clean offers maintenance and cleaning services for all types of carpets. Our team of professionals clean your broadloom, your carpets and your rugs using effective cleaning products. Nettoyage Maxi Clean will make your natural or synthetic carpets look new again.




Rug Cleaning in the Workshop

In order to give your carpets the best possible appearance, we stretch, dry and brush them after cleaning. In our commitment to doing the job properly, we then inspect your carpets in order to ensure the quality of the results.