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Nettoyage Maxi Clean, Your Cleaning Specialist in Montreal and Laval

Trust the certified technicians at Nettoyage Maxi Clean with the cleaning and decontamination of your heating system and ventilation ducts, your carpets and your furniture. Nettoyage Maxi Clean experts travel throughout Montreal, Laval and the surrounding areas to meet your needs with Maxi-mum efficiency.

Always Clean with MaxiClean

  • Heating, dryer, ventilation and air conditioning ducts
  • Evaporator (coil, or radiator)
  • Air exchangers

Call on the expertise of Nettoyage Maxi Clean today! Enjoy peace of mind!

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Backed by close to 12 years of experience, Nettoyage Maxi Clean is proud to number some of the leading commercial and industrial companies among its clientele: